Monday, January 11, 2010


So. Hello.

My resolution for this baby was to become a functioning human being a lot faster this maternity leave than I was able to after I had Ian. It worked, as far as getting up, showered, and out of the house was concerned but not so much as far as the blog was concerned.

Part of this was the usual – so many things were just more important at the time – but part of it was the fact that I had a series of sad computer issues. My video card died, taking my USB hub with it which meant I no longer had any free USB ports to hook my camera to… which meant no pictures made it onto my PC. Then when that issue was resolved we made the long awaited jump to windows 7.

My Creative Memories picture program was compatible with Windows 7, or so we thought, but after the reload the program no longer recognized my backup or recovery files. As in, 4000 pictures of Ian and vacations and events… gone.

Or maybe not. I just have to manually locate them, import them, and erase the duplicates… and pray they are all there. So I have been doing that for the past month every free moment until my eyes have bled. I am pretty much scrapping the idea of using the CM software to back up my pictures and am going with a manually created file system. Back to basics seems the best approach.

As an aside, as I write this I have Evie in my lap, perched on her boppy pillow. Every now and then she distracts me with her little laughs. Her smiles are still new enough, and laughs BRAND new enough, to warrant instant attention and interaction. So far it has taken me 30 minutes to write this much of my post.. and I’m not complaining. :)

Anyway, back to my excuses and complaints! So now that I have been sorting pictures for about a week and crying about the humanity of it all, I am ready to start posting again. The next few posts will be going back in time to show the events of the last 4 months. I hope you enjoy!

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