Monday, January 11, 2010


My first back in time post is all the way to Halloween. This year Ian was a storm trooper (big surprise), although we nearly had a last minute switch to Darth Maul. It was averted with the promise that NEXT year he would be Darth Maul. Don’t know what we are going to do when we run out of bad guys.

Here are some pictures of him in his STORM TROOPER costume (he says it in all caps too), during this year’s trick-or-treat in the cubicles. Don’t ask me what he is doing in the first pic. Looks like some sort of preschool gang sign.

And for the real star wars geeks, I KNOW that is a clone trooper mask, not a storm trooper mask, but the ST mask that came with the costume was horribly warped. We had to scavenge. /grin

Also, pregnancy mistake #326: Don’t wear these boots while trick-or-treating with your 3 year old if you are 8.5 months pregnant.

They were very sexy... like 8 years ago when I bought them. Now... they've been relegated to Halloween-only status. When I tried to put them on I had to go find the maint guy and beg a screw driver from him. Apparently the heels are held on by screws and one of them was making an escape attempt.

I switched to the sneakers as soon as I gimped back to my office.

On Saturday we were invited to Erin’s for a Halloween party. It rocked, as usual! Tons of games, awesome themed food, and the chance to sit and chat with a whole bunch of other moms. It was great. Afterwards they invited us to stay for dinner and trick-or-treating on their street.

It was Ian’s first ever actual trick-or-treat and he had so much fun. The weather was amazingly warm and the moon was just about full. All of the people on the street knew Neil and Jenny and gave out great loot. I love my friends. :)

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