Wednesday, January 13, 2010


I was so happy that Evie was only born 2 days late because it meant I got out of the hospital in time for Thanksgiving. I wasn’t looking forward to being induced on Black Friday, or worse, having the spend Thanksgiving in the hospital.

I got out on Tuesday, rested on Wednesday, and JD drove us down to Attleboro on Thursday for Thanksgiving. It was, as always, full of amazing food, family, and fun. I ate a full plate of food, followed by coffee and pie and even allowed myself a half glass of wine which made me feel quite tipsy.

Evelyn was a huge hit of course, and Grandma got to hold and interact with her for a long time. She was so sweet with Evie and Evie was perfectly content to be held by her for nearly an hour.

Ian zonked out on the recliner chair sometime in the evening. I am not sure what led up to him missing a shoe and sock but it was probably some kind of rough-housing with the boys.

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