Monday, March 1, 2010

The new hat

This is Evie's new hat that I got from capsofgrace on

Capsofgrace has excellent customer service -- they sent a thank you email, an email to let me know my order had been shipped, and a followup email to make sure I had received the package. Plus their package inserts were so nice I a was tempted to keep them for my scrapbook!

Evie, of course, looks adorable. I hope the cap stretches a little as she wears it -- I forgot her head is a bit bigger and rounder than the average 3 month old. Next time I will remember and buy a size larger.

The earflaps have the side benefit (no pun intended) of protecting her temples and a bit of her cheeks from her scratching fingers. The hat is probably designed for outdoor use but I think we will be using it as an indoor hat until we can get her rash to go down.

Cute, functional, and also comfortable. I am really happy with it. Through trial and error I have found that a lot of the cute newborn hats are made with acrylic yarn, which is very scratchy even if the baby doesn't have itchy bumps all over her head. This one is 100% cotton and very soft.

I am so glad I have a girl. :)

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