Saturday, October 10, 2009

While the cat’s away…

The mice will… do absolutely nothing.

So here we are, day 5 sans Ian. What have we accomplished? Absolutely nothing! I am not really sure why that is.

Actually, I have a few guesses.
  1. We are staying at work longer.

  2. We are playing video games. Usually the rule is no games until after Ian is asleep. But with Ian away… and the Mirkwood beta conveniently released this week… well.

  3. I am lazy tired. A few days this week I have simply gone to bed really early rather than accomplish anything. Or I've taken a nap, waking up just in time to… play more play video games.

JD has been much better than me. He has washed dishes and thrown out trash. Kept the cats alive. Stuff like that. I have slowly let our bedroom be eaten by piles of clean and dirty clothes. Yipe.

When I was pregnant with Ian I kept waiting for the “nesting” instinct to kick in and make me into a total cleanliness genius. I was sure that all the sudden I would get the urge to vacuum and mop and dust and rub down door knobs with Lysol wipes. My clothes would be ironed and my hair would be just so. I would channel the Martha. No such luck.

Instead I pretty much felt then what I am feeling now… large, slow, and grumpy. And in desperate need of motivation. And what do you know? My mom is coming to stay the night this weekend.

*alarm klaxon sounds*

Breakout the hazmat suits and the SoftScrub! Incoming mom!!!!! OMFG I need to go grocery shopping and clean the fridge! What do you mean we are out of Clorox Cleanup???!!!one!!

Or, at least, that is what my mind is usually screaming at this point. Right now all I can seem to manage is a half-hearted “Mom… coming... @#$%.”

I am actually pondering whether all those dirty clothes will fit under my bed… and do the clean ones really need to be folded before I stuff them in random drawers? Maybe I can accidentally total my car and avoid having to shovel out the toxic waste. I am a little afraid it has been breeding in the back seat.

Hopefully the panic will hit soon and I will go into psycho self-preservation cleaning mode. I have gone into that zone occasionally and it works for short periods of time. But usually there are vast amounts of caffeine or alcohol involved dammit.

Must… fold… clothes…


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