Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Baby shower!

Last week my coworkers got together and threw me a surprise baby shower. I was EXTREMELY surprised – both because it is still early and because you don’t usually get a shower for your second child.

My boss got me all riled up with talk about some process improvements we are doing at work and then led me to the conference room for a meeting. I barged right in and had a moment of absolute horror since there were about 15 people in the room. I had interrupted a BIG meeting. Then I saw the cakes and for a moment was even more horrified… I had interrupted someone’s PARTY.

So, okay. I am a moron. I finally got it when they all yelled SURPRISE and laughed at me.

The cakes were gorgeous. One lemon chiffon (YUM) with the most beautiful baby shower decorations. One chocolate cake with the hard chocolate coating. I am still eating the leftovers of that one a week later. I think it will take care of any chocolate cravings for the rest of my pregnancy. They were both awesome.

I got a ton of cool loot, including a crib set, several outfits, blankets, and toys, and some relaxing bath stuff for mommy (which I have already put to good use).

Now I have to figure out how to merge the girl and boy decorations in the kids’ bedroom into a cohesive whole. Pink is so CUTE, but it is also so PINK. Mixing that with the more mellow yellows and greens of Ian’s bedroom might be a challenge.

I think I can probably get my sister to come over and do it for me if I make the puppy-dog eyes.

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