Tuesday, October 20, 2009


New England weather is always odd, but this weekend it went right past odd and into bizarre.

Usually we have a reasonably nice, crisp September and October, with maybe a little Indian Summer thrown in. Then November and December are wet, cold, and miserable. January we might actually see some snow. February it snows. March it snows and sleets. April we usually get one last hurrah snow storm before it turns back to cold, wet, and miserable which lasts through the beginning of June.

This year wet cold and miserable lasted almost until August, then we had a month of summer, beautiful September weather, and… snow in October?

Friday and Sunday we got snow flurries. Sunday some of it actually accumulated. Very, very strange. We celebrated by running to Target to get Ian a winter hat and gloves. We are still missing snow boots so hopefully we do not get any further freaky weather until after Evelyn is born.

I have a sneaking suspicion that I may have jinxed myself by announcing happily that I was glad I would be on maternity leave during the first snow falls so I did not have to deal with the insane traffic. Ick.

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