Saturday, October 10, 2009

Bella Claire Baby

So next on my totally girl-crazy wish list is one of the amazing bodysuit/bloomer sets from Bella Claire Baby who I found on Can you tell I am addicted to Etsy?

When I was little I swore never to dress up any baby girl of mine in girly stuff OR in pink. No pink, no way. Yeah, right.

Sometime in the last, oh, 10 years or so I started the typical mooning over pink things in stores and dreaming of princess dresses. I started to regress to that earlier time… before adolescent grunge and fledgling feminism… back to a time where I loved princesses and fairies and a dream dress was one with tulle. Oh yes…. I remember.

When my sister had Sophia I was in 7th heaven. And now, finally, I have my own little girl to live vicariously through. *rubs hands evilly*

These bodysuits caught my eye quite a while ago and now, with Evie on the way, I am looking at my calendar and planning what occasion to buy one for. First day of school? Picture day? Maybe arrange for a family portrait with my sister’s family and put Evie and Sophia in matching outfits? Oooooo

MANY thanks to Kerry from Bella Claire Baby for allowing me to rave about her designs here, and post up a picture!

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