Thursday, October 1, 2009


<----- What I look like now.

I had a moment today when I realized how thoroughly I had crossed into Mom territory. I absolutely could not WAIT until Evelyn gets old enough that I can tease and scold her for all the things she did to me in the womb.

B-Day minus 6 weeks and I am already counting my grudges. *grin*

A month or so ago I described to one of my male coworkers (much to his horror) that when Evie moves it looks like I am smuggling ferrets under my shirt.

It was a joke, but I seem to have jinxed myself because more and more she does move around like a little ferret. And at her active time (around 4am) it feels like several ferrets fighting for supremacy in there.

I don’t know how else to describe it – she scrambles. Or maybe she was severe restless leg syndrome. Either way, the rare times I am awake during this time I usually have my hand over my stomach so I can rub her back and tickle the occasional foot that wanders into my grasp.

Her acrobatics don’t hurt. Sometimes they are a little uncomfortable because when she really sticks her legs out I can practically feel myself adding stretch marks. But mostly they are ticklish and make me realize… wow. There really is a person in there. Or possibly several ferrets.

This morning Ian crawled into bed with us at around 5am. I pulled him under the covers, held onto him so that he wouldn’t fall off the edge, and promptly fell back to sleep. Evie did not, however, and was still scrambling around. Since Ian was wrapped around my tummy he got to enjoy the full show and I woke occasionally when he would giggle or stick a cold hand against my stomach to feel her move around.

What I will look like in a few weeks ------------->

At one point he laughed so hard I groggily cracked open my lids. His blue eyes were about an inch away from mine and he put one hand on my cheek. “She’s funny!” he told me. I laughed too, flipped him over so that he was between me and JD and no longer in imminent danger of being kicked off the bed by his little sister, and went back to sleep.

Later this morning I had a very pleasant image of teasing a 10 year old Evie about her 4am psychotic exercises in the womb. Moments like this, however, usually have faded away by that time and I was a little sad that she would not get to experience… well, herself. And how much we enjoy her already. Then it hit me. Duh. That is what this blog is for!

I hope you all enjoy the stories as much as I am sure adolescent Ian and Evie will hate them! I will try and add them as they occur. Some of them might be TMI (too much information) but I really want to capture them so I can remember and use them to torment my children later in life.

It’s just how I roll! *grin*

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