Saturday, June 12, 2010

The new hair

(The blog post in which I prove that pictures of me DO exist!)

Memorial Day weekend my mom came over and we had a hair date.

I have had my hair cut four five times (professionally) in my life. The first time was in college, and it looked good for the first day... and then pretty much rolled over and went limp.

Accepting that I had no talent with making my hair do what I wanted it to, I grew it out until about 6 months after Ian was born.

I wanted to do something to make me look more professional, to celebrate loosing 30 pounds of baby weight, and to defy my approaching 30th birthday. My sister (who has magnificent hair, and magnificent hair styling talents), suggested I go with her to her hair stylist.

(Gratuitous Oma and Evie pic) --->

I have lots of funny things I could say about that trip, but this post is supposed to be about my NEW hair style, not my old, so I will simply say the hair stylist was very young, very perky, and very, very talented with hair. I loved my hair cut. :) I got to donate 14 inches to locks of love and I looked and felt MARVELOUS afterwards. Go Mims with her bad ass advice. I loved it!

My third hair cut I decided to go closer to home and went to a place in Rhode Island. I won't mention the name, but prior to the hair cut I loved the place. My girlfriends and I always went there to have manicures and pedicures on girls day out. The hair cut I got... not so much love happening there.

I cried after that hair cut. It managed to bring out all my worst features -- my bumpy nose was more prominent, my lack of chin was even more lacking, my Mongolian eyebrows loomed over the rest of my face like a thundercloud. It was terrible. No pictures exist, only video. But trust me, it was awful.

After that I waited for quite a while before getting another cut. I went back to the place my sister suggested (mom came and held my hand), and once again got a wonderful cut. I just had to reconcile myself to the immensely long drive.

<---(Before the cut. And yes, I cleaned the mirror after looking at this pic. Yikes!)

Again I waited for a long time before making another appointment. Between Ian, pregnancy, and then baby Evie it was just too hard to schedule a hair appointment at a place over 2 hours away. Finally I made appointments for me and my mom at a place in Worcester called St. Cyr's.

The stylist, once again, was very young and perky. She displayed amazing stylist skillz -- keeping me talking about myself the entire 2 HOURS of the procedure. Mom's hair was done about an hour and half before me.

First was the loooong wait while the highlights set in, attractively wrapped in tin foil (makes you blond AND keeps the aliens out! Bonus!)

Then came the 40 minutes of blow-drying. Sometime into the first 10 minutes I was sure I would never be able to reproduce whatever she was doing back there. Who blow dries their hair for 40 minutes every day??? But I looked mah-velous baby.

It went VERY well. I love my new hair cut, mom loves her new hair cut, and when I got blond highlights they actually looked like blond highlights instead of blond hair with some brown streaks.

Or, at least, I was pleased that I still had brown hair. JD was disappointed -- apparently he was looking forward to the blond. Hmmmm.

Best of all, the kids still recognized me. Evie smiled, grabbed the new hair and gave me big face kiss when I got back.

Ian said something along the lines of "I like your hair. Want to play cars?" JD made a little sad face over the lack of bombshell blond. Boys.

I would be totally lax as a mom if I didn't also mention the MOST exciting development -- Evie's new hair!


First it was just light brown fuzz, like a baby peach. Now we are seeing distinct strands.

We have hope that she may NOT be bald until her 2nd birthday, unlike her older brother. *grin*


  1. It looks lovely Hanna - very stylish! and 30 pounds of baby weight gone, wow! that's amazing! I am still in the process of losing my baby weight after my last one... that is 18 years ago and counting ;)! Just wanted to let you know that you won the little redwork wallhanging that I was giving away on my blog!! I will pop it in with your sox when I send them!! big hugs and have a great week!

  2. Ah, that was the first one's baby weight. I gained it all back and more with #2 and still haven't kicked that.

    I am sooooo excited about the wall hanging! It is SO CUTE! Thank you!

  3. Your hair is adorable!!! ...and so is hers!! Now I want to do something different with mine... :)

  4. Well- we have a lot in common!! I'm pregnant, and if it's a girl, her name is going to be Evie! Seriously. Weird, huh??

  5. @filiagratiae: Not weird, we just have excellent taste, that is all! *grin* Congratulations on your little one!!!

  6. @Rachel: Thank you! It always feels like an incredible act of bravery, sitting down with an unknown hairdresser. :) Your hair looks great long!

    From recent experience, if you DO decide to cut it, have it cut before it starts the post-preggie falling out stage. I waited a little too long and now I feel like buying stock in liquid plumber. All that long hair down the shower drain.. yeesh!

  7. Hey! Sorry to leave this as a comment, but I can't find an email address for you. You won one of the Sticky Mosaics on my blog! Email me your mailing address at and I'll get it to the company!

  8. Hey Hun!! Its me,Jen! (I changed my picture hehe!
    How the selling of thre unit going?? Hope you have sold it!! Where about is it and how much are you asking? We have friends that might be moving over there for a bit so I might let them know!!

    How are the kids, both great I hope! :). Ian is looking forward to going back to school I guess, your school system is completely different to ours.. We are just winding down to the end of the year at school and you just start in August.... is that right?? or have I got it wrong?? I'm just a silly old Ozzie lolol!!!!! hehehehe.

    Anyway, hope everything is going well, have been missing your posts chick! Do you sew at all?? I have some fabrics for you if you want to make some little things for yor house - let me know!!

    Big Huggles!
    Jen xoxoxox