Sunday, June 6, 2010

Six months old!

More catching up! Here are some pictures I took at Evie's six month milestone. I can't believe it has been half a year!

The tie dye dress was a gift from Jim and Susan and I used it for Evie's first school pictures. She looked very bright and summery.

The dress was a huge hit at the daycare -- every one loved the colors. They also know my love-hate relationship with the whole pink and brown color scheme, so every one was quite amused.

We took the white one-sie and the tights off for the pictures. It was very warm and sunny outside, but inside the AC was so high I put the underclothes back on.

Unable to resist the pink and brown, I also took some pictures of her in one of the new sun dresses I bought her. (I went a little crazy in Toys R Us one day. Gulp.)

She is now rolling over easily from front to back and back again., but still needs support when sitting. She can sit a few moments on her own, but then usually topples forward onto her face.

She is VERY tactile and grabs everything and anything she can get her hands on... and puts it right in her mouth.

She has started making a lot more sounds. Her favorite is Da da da da da da da. Which would be exciting, except that we call JD Papa. :) He laughs when I chant back at her Ma ma ma ma ma ma. Hey, it might catch on!

The most noticable thing about Evie is that she is a happy, smiley girl. She smiles with her whole face, bald head, ears and all. Her favorite things to smile and laugh at are her brother and the cats. They never cease to provide amusement.

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