Sunday, June 6, 2010

Five months old!

Catching up a bit on my blog posts, here are some pictures I took at Evie's five month milestone. She is sitting up with some support, and starting to chatter away.

She seems to have inherited my shrieky voice -- she can hit some serious decibels. I told mom and she laughed and laughed... actually the amount she laughed was quite disturbing. When I told JD about the maniacal laughter he just gave me that flat stare of his. The one that says: Lovely. What did you get us into now?

These pictures were a bit dangerous, since she was sitting on the rocking recliner and evry now and then she would lunge forward, almost tipping herself off the chair.

The socks are a bit (ok, WAY) too small. But with the one-sie and the hat, I just couldn't resist the purple.

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