Sunday, February 28, 2010

More on baby fashion

After my 'torn about dressing Evie in pink' post (I swore I would never dress my daughter overly girly... but it's just so darned cute!) Susan took pity on me and went looking for something that would soothe my hippie soul. And wow, did she find it!

This outfit is from Laughing Bear Batik and I totally love it! I am definitely budgeting some money for a Laughing Bear shopping trip the next time I go to the island (and it may be for both me and Evie)!

As Susan pointed out it has animals, it is sorta tie dye, and it is not pink! I can now shop for pink clothes secure in the knowledge that Evie has some non-pink options in her wardrobe. ;)

In other news, Evie has been grounded for excessive scratching. She is forbidden the use of her fingers and is sentenced to wear socks on her hands until her doctor's appointment on Wednesday. Hopefully they can give us something to help both the rash and the dry skin.

In related news, her new hat has arrived. Pics to come. :)

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