Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Indiana Jones is not for kids

Ian has been rockin' the XBox lately, playing all things Lego: Lego Star Wars, Lego Batman, and Lego Indiana Jones (which he calls "Lego Alien Pirate" for reasons none of us can understand).

So I innocently asked JD if he thought Ian would like to watch the Indiana Jones movies. After he stopped laughing at me he pointed out the people impaled on stakes thing, the face melting thing, and the ripping beating hearts out of chests thing.

Oh yeah. It's been a while.

But what about The Last Crusade? That one is pretty cool and the only scary part is at the end where the guy turns old really fast and I can fast-forward that part. Right?

Yeah. Right.

Tonight I decided to pull out The Last Crusade and see what Ian thought. Totally forgot that the movie started with young Indie -- which was fun to watch again. And Ian watched it quietly. Right up until the snake scene.

When Indie fell in the anaconda tank Ian let out a scream that had me leaping from the couch to cover his eyes. Unfortunately I didn't make it before Indie fell into the other tank and got covered with little snakes. Ian started screaming, crying, and shaking in fear as JD ran into the room and grabbed the controller to turn the TV off.

Bad mom. Bad, bad mom.

He is, no doubt, scarred for life.

Bad. Mom.

It reminds me a little of the time I turned on Monsters Inc., not realizing the volume was on extremely high. As the THX symbol thundered into existence Mom and I scrambled to find the volume control as Ian screeched in terror. For a whole year he couldn't watch a movie that had the THX part without crying and hiding his face in my shoulder.

Bad, bad mom.

*ponders whether Ian would like the original Batman movie*

Bad mom.


  1. Uh... yeah, last night we were taking it easy and the Simpsons were on. Mom, me and G were watching it and it was the one where Lisa starts ballet lessons and starts smoking.

    Bad Dad

    TV got turned off immediately. d'oh.

    Oh, and we watched the Lion King for the first time, we had a Bambi moment.

    Bad Dad.

  2. Hehehe. Ian figured out how to surf netflix streaming from the XBox and I walked in the room to find him watching "Family Guy."

    The controllers are now kept out of reach.