Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Dipping a toe in the water

AKA: My first personal post.

Labor Day weekend Mom came over on Sunday and we visited Uncle Whit and Kat at UMass. We went to lunch at a Sushi restaurant... which I thought would be a bad idea. I snuck out and got Ian a piece of pizza at Antonio's, but when we got back he actually ate a bunch of my Teriyaki chicken and Miso soup. Go figure! AND he used the chop sticks better than I did -- he actually managed to snag some rice.

After lunch we got dessert at the Black Sheep, which was one of my favorite places 9 years ago when I was UMass. It is still amazing. I had a cream puff, Mom had a fruit tart, and Ian had a cupcake with about 4 inches of cream on top instead of frosting.

After dessert we hung out on a strip of grass across from the bakery. Ian ran Whit ragged around the place, after which they both collapsed. Whit hung on tight to make sure Ian stayed collapsed... or at least in one spot, for a few minutes of rest.

When we got back to Worcester we met JD at Vinny T's for dinner. Ian wanted to sit by JD and paused every now and then to hug his arm and say "I love you Papa." Little guy really knows how to get to us.

After I snapped a few pictures Ian demanded the camera and took the following lovely images. Future Monet perhaps?

I am definitely putting one of those kid digital cameras on his wish list this Christmas. I can't even think of pulling out my camera before his grubby paws are all over it!

A friend of mine scrapbooks with her son and he has created an amazing book already. One of my goals during maternity leave is to print out Ian's pictures and have him scrapbook them himself.

We'll see how much damage we can do.

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